Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meeting the Cabbage Pig

I have a "thing" about plates and different types of china. So does my friend, Lori. We have been known to shop an entire day...12 hours...on a bargain hunt for plates, dishes and table linens. Once we find something, we label it as a "treasure" until we find more of that certain something at a bargain price. Recently, we were on a mission to find "cabbage plates". Specifically, a brand of china made in Portugal called "Bordallo Pinheiro". It comes in many patterns, but Lori and I were concentrating on the "Cabbage or Lettuce Leaf" pattern; either in green or pink.

We found candlesticks and she found bowls and plates, but try as we might, we had hit a dead end and could not find any more cabbage treasures to begin a collection for me. Tired, but not yet discouraged, we stumbled into a local Tuesday Morning (one of our favorite haunts) and started the search. I was looking at anything green and low and behold....there it was! A small ceramic CABBAGE PIG!!! He is so cute....looks like he broke through a watermelon with a vegetable in his mouth and cabbage on his head. And guess what? Yes, there were two!! So, of course we bought them both; no plates were to be found, but we love our Cabbage Pig.

For me, he has become the symbol of the ultimate relaxation.....creating, redesigning and tablescaping. And yes, I am addicted to all three. But what great stress relievers they are!

So, welcome to the home of The Cabbage Pig!!