Monday, August 9, 2010

It has been so hot here where we are that I have not wanted to do anything! Work, run errands, come home. I am even way behind on my projects, but I hope to get going again soon. When I look around, we are just on the edge of Autumn....the cooler air and the brilliant fall colors. Fall is actually my favorite time of year, so I am eager for it to get here!

I have collected some great new items for tablescaping and in just a few more weeks, I will be able to start on some fall-themes. I am also working on rearranging my accessories in my home and just marking time until appropriate to make the jump to fall!! Maybe no one will notice a few pumpkins or fall mums here and there??

My husband is a football fan. He loves to watch it on TV and he has a Fantasy Team, of course. The best thing to me about the football season is the atmosphere. When those games are on TV, it just "feels" like fall has arrived, the kids are back to school and we can enjoy the crispness before the hectic holiday season starts to roll in. A pot of chili in the crock pot, maybe a fire in the fireplace and friends coming over to visit and enjoy the evening...what fun!

I will be looking around for some more creative ideas, but in the meantime, I will just continue to swelter and think about the cool days and nights to come!